Founded in 1998, Chester Insurance Brokers quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of Kenya’s top 10 brokers. Operating in the insurance industry, Chester Insurance Brokers provides a wide range of insurance brokerage, consulting, and risk management services to a diverse clientele. Their customer base spans from domestic companies, both commercial and industrial, to large international firms. Chester’s mission is to deliver tailor-made solutions that account for the unique expectations and risk philosophies of each client.

Chester Insurance Brokers

Client’s Objective:

Chester Insurance Brokers, a prominent player in the Kenyan insurance market, set out on a mission to modernize their operations and elevate the quality of their service offerings.


With a diverse clientele, Chester Insurance Brokers faced several operational challenges. Their previous system was overly complex, hindering day-to-day operations. Additionally, the system’s design did not align with their desired user interface, lacking the visual appeal they aspired to. Furthermore, gaps in functionality left them unable to support their complete range of insurance services effectively.


To overcome these hurdles, FlowCentral Technologies devised a comprehensive strategy. This approach included a client-centric approach, wherein they collaborated closely with Chester Insurance Brokers to gain insights into their diverse clientele’s specific pain points and requirements. The development of Chesterpro, a customized software solution, aimed to streamline operations, enhance the user experience, and bridge service gaps. The process also involved meticulous data migration to ensure a seamless transition while preserving all customer data.


The transformation process unfolded through multiple stages. It began with a thorough assessment of Chester Insurance Brokers’ existing system, identifying areas in need of improvement. Subsequently, the FlowCentral Technologies team meticulously designed and developed Chesterpro using the FlowCentral platform, ensuring it met the client’s expectations for functionality and aesthetics. The implementation phase involved seamlessly integrating the FlowCentral platform to provide the required solutions. Throughout the process, data migration was executed with great care to preserve data continuity and security.

Results and Outcomes:

The collaborative efforts between FlowCentral Technologies and Chester Insurance Brokers produced remarkable outcomes. These included a significant enhancement in operational efficiency, characterized by streamlined processes and a user-friendly interface. Chesterpro also empowered the company to diversify its range of services, fortifying its competitive position. Importantly, data integrity remained intact, with not a single piece of customer data lost during the transition, instilling trust among customers.

Client Testimonial:

Alias Verghese, a representative from Chester Insurance Brokers, expressed his satisfaction: “FlowCentral Technologies has been instrumental in revolutionizing our operations. Chesterpro has not only simplified our processes but has also empowered us to serve our clients more effectively. It’s a significant change compared to the previous system.”