Access Bank was founded in 1989 and has emerged as a leading financial institution in Nigeria and beyond. With a robust presence in the African banking sector, Access Bank offers a comprehensive suite of financial services to a diverse clientele. Their services encompass retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, and more.

Access bank

Client’s Objective:

Access Bank seeks to enhance its loan processing capabilities by implementing a versatile loan engine platform. The objective is to streamline and expedite the handling of various types of loans, including personal, business, and mortgage loans, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and improving the overall customer experience.


Access Bank is in the process of improving its existing loan processing operations, and this effort is driven by several key challenges. The bank deals with a diverse portfolio of loan products, each characterized by unique eligibility criteria and documentation prerequisites, leading to operational complexity. Additionally, the predominantly manual loan processing procedures have resulted in delays, errors, and heightened operational costs. Moreover, the bank faces the ongoing task of complying with evolving regulatory standards and effectively managing the inherent risks in loan processing. Access Bank is fully committed to addressing these challenges as it strives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its loan processing operations.


In response to these challenges, our software company has implemented a comprehensive solution. The project commenced with the seamless integration of FlowCentral into Access Bank’s existing infrastructure, harnessing its robust data management and workflow capabilities. FlowCentral was meticulously customized to create a highly adaptable loan engine capable of handling various loan types. This platform now streamlines and automates the end-to-end loan application, approval, and disbursement processes, resulting in optimized efficiency and significant time savings.

This solution encompasses the successful implementation of stringent compliance checks and reporting mechanisms. These measures ensure that both parties consistently adhere to regulatory standards and effectively manage risk throughout the loan processing lifecycle. The newly developed intuitive user interface has been rolled out, facilitating smooth interactions for bank staff, customers, and external partners, delivering an enhanced and user-friendly experience for all stakeholders.

The use of FlowCentral to construct the loan engine platform will enable Access Bank to efficiently manage varied loan kinds, improve compliance, and elevate the overall customer experience. This strategic decision will greatly contribute to the bank’s growth and performance in the financial market.


The implementation process involves several key stages, each critical to the project’s success. It begins with a thorough assessment and planning phase, where Access Bank’s loan products, workflows, and regulatory requirements are meticulously examined to shape the project plan and timeline. Following this, FlowCentral is tailored to create the loan engine platform, incorporating features like loan application forms, credit scoring algorithms, and document management. Rigorous testing ensures accuracy, security, and alignment with Access Bank’s requirements. The thorough training given by the FlowCentral team enables the bank staff to effectively utilize the platform, resulting in its successful deployment throughout the organization. Ongoing support and maintenance ensure the platform’s smooth operation and adaptability to changing business needs.

Results and Outcomes:

This comprehensive approach results in increased efficiency, risk mitigation, and an enhanced customer experience. The platform’s flexibility allows it to evolve with Access Bank’s growing portfolio, and its data analytics capabilities provide valuable insights for data-driven decisions. The monitoring and support phase ensures the platform’s long-term success by addressing issues, implementing updates, and maintaining its optimal performance. The implementation of the loan engine platform has delivered tangible benefits, positioning Access Bank for continued growth and success in the financial industry.